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This girl’s blindfolded boxing routine is simultaneously incredible and terrifying

September 28, 2017

Professional English major who hasn’t thrown a for-real punch since 7th grade just chiming in to say this little girl who looks like she could obviously kick my ass while literally blindfolded is both spectacularly talented and truly, deeply horrifying. Behold the horror, fellow talk-out-your-problems-like-adults snowflakes:

We don’t know much about the pint-size pounder, other than that her dad is a boxing coach and she hails from Belarus, an area of Europe which, if you’ve been following the rise of fighters like Ukraine’s Vasyl Lomachenko in recent years, you already know is not a great place to be picking bar fights at the moment.

Whether or not this girl makes the big time and becomes the next Laila Ali, Ronda Rousey, or Cris Cyborg remains to be seen, of course, but she certainly looks the part. In the meantime, we will just be here, cowering on our couch, living vicariously through Sly Stallone’s immortal right hook and the glory of our deluded imaginations.