Handles 101

The president of Virginia State wrecking this poor student’s ankles has to be a violation of some sort

Here’s the thing about hot shots: They always end up getting burned. Sure, sure, they do their share of torching along the way, but eventually, invariably, ol’ karma comes calling. Enter this Virginia State student, who decided to grab a ball and some buds and hit campus to embarrass a few unsuspecting peers. First up is a woman in an ankle-length dress and heels. Next is an overweight man, whose stomach he bounces the ball off of. Finally he takes on a security guard, who really can’t get too physical in the paint, what with the current climate on policing and all.

Then, fatefully, he spies the university president coming down the steps. He thinks to himself, “one last job, then I’m out.” Little did he know, it was a setup all along . . .

As soon as the president swiped the ball from him like he was taking candy from a helpless little t-rex-armed baby, he should have turned around and killed cameras. Nothing good was going to happen from there. But instead, he decided to square up, proceeding to get the ball bounced off his head and then put on skates so hard you might think Virginia State had a DI hockey program. [ed note. They don't]

The peanut gallery went wild and the big cheese put his sport coat back on, cool as you like. Places to go, people to see. MUCH bigger fish to fry. As the old adage goes, if you pick on someone your own size, you best not miss . . . or something like that.