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Vince McMahon's daily meal is one of the more absurd food creations you'll ever hear

I'm no WWE expert, far from it, but I am an expert in reading the absolute ridiculous stories the internet has to offer about Vince McMahon. The term "nut job" was created solely with McMahon in mind, and I say that as a compliment. Apparently you're not allowed to sneeze around him. Apparently he used to have steroids delivered directly to his office, for himself and for Hulk Hogan. And apparently, he wrestles people on planes quite often, Ernie Els style. The list of tales, which are all likely exaggerated but still somewhat true, goes on and on.

The latest and greatest McMahon story comes from comedian and host of "the No-Sports Report" podcast Jensen Karp, who wrote for WWE Raw for seven months in 2006. Karp was a recent guest on the popular "Pardon My Take" podcast, and the subject of his time writing for Raw came up. Karp explained that the job required a lot of travel, often on McMahon's private plane. First, host Dan Katz asked him if he ever sneezed in front of McMahon.

"No, but I saw people sneeze in front of him," said Karp, to which Katz jokingly replied, "they're dead?"

"Honestly, I wouldn't be shocked if they just came up into a river right now like the Undertaker, just pop up."

Karp then randomly brought up the meal McMahon ate every single day, and it's one of the more absurd food creations we've ever heard.

"He also ate steak sandwiches every day. Do you know that story? He eats these pieces of steak in a tortilla with ketchup every day. Every day. I never saw him eat anything else. Like skillet pieces."

What in god's name? If there were some eggs in it, or even some shredded cheese, this wouldn't sound so bad. A little breakfast taco action. But just straight up steak and ketchup wrapped in a tortilla is a psycho move. McMahon is a psycho though, so it makes perfect sense. Check out the clip from the podcast below:

Thanks to Reddit, I just found this old story of the time McMahon discovered what a burrito was, even though he was basically eating them every day:

You know how you know all these McMahon stories are true? Because they are literally too insane to make up.