U.S. Open 2024: PGA Tour wife reveals the (surprising) scariest part about being at Pinehurst

June 13, 2024

There's plenty to be scared of at Pinehurst No. 2, if you're a golfer. Those famed turtle-back greens. Those tightly-mowed collection areas. Those juiced-up native areas off the tee. Add it all up and even the best players in the world can struggle to break 80.

For the average golfers, it's obviously even more difficult. And the USGA even came up with a tool to help weekend hackers figure out what they would shoot there. But it turns out, the scariest part of the property has nothing to do with how Pinehurst No. 2 has been set up for the U.S. Open.

Jessica Hadwin, the wife of PGA Tour pro Adam Hadwin and one of our favorite follows on Twitter, clued us into what players—and fans—really need to watch out for this week at Pinehurst.

That's right. The squirrels. And a quick Getty search confirms that. Have a look:


Ross Kinnaird


Ross Kinnaird


Alex Slitz

The fact that Getty is posting multiple photos of squirrels during a major championship shows these are no ordinary squirrels. And there are other photos from previous years at Pinehurst, including this one from 2014:


Raleigh News & Observer

Look at that little guy just lying in wait before pouncing. Yikes.

Same here, Jessica. Same here.