He Did What?!?!

U.S. Open 2022: World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler hits world's worst chunk at Brookline, proves he's human

Scottie Scheffler's chipping performance at the Masters in April was the stuff of legend, instantly putting him in the best short-game players in the world conversation. The U.S. Open has a way of making even the greatest chippers on the planet look like weekend hackers, though.

That's exactly what Scheffler looked like on Friday at The Country Club. And the thing is, he wasn't even in Brookline's juicy rough, or the fescue, or a bunker, or any spot of bother, for that matter. The four-time tour winner was sitting pretty in the middle of the fairway at the short par-4 fifth, which players have been attempting to drive all week.

Scheffler's tee shot came up about 30 yards short of the green, leaving him with, in fairness, a tough pitch off a tight lie. But no one could have predicted what happened next. The World No. 1 hit the world's worst chunk, his ball traveling all of seven feet when all was said and done:

Scheffler isn't the first pro to chunk one and he won't be the last, but that wasn't just a chunk, that was a CHUNK chunk. Laid the damn sod over it like a 20-handicapper would. Even he would tell you that was downright bad. 

The difference between 20-handicappers and Scheffler, though, is that Scheffler composed himself and chipped the next one to 10 feet. He wasn't able to save par, but he's played the ensuing seven holes in even par to remain at one over, safely inside the "projected" cut line right now. Barring a disastrous final few holes that force him to sweat out the cut line, he won't have to relive this one in his nightmares later this evening.