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U.S. Open 2021: Bubba Watson remains the King of hitting driver off the deck—and body language

June 17, 2021

The driver off the deck is a shot we don't recommend the weekend golfer try. But perhaps the weekend golfer bold enough to attempt one should focus less on technique and more on body language.

Bubba Watson gave a master class in both during Thursday's opening round of the 2021 U.S. Open. Faced with over 300 yards to the long par-5 ninth hole at Torrey Pines, Watson went with the big dog—and boy, did he pull off a beauty.

Watch as Watson hits once of his signature right-to-left benders and then provides a little bit of body language to ensure his golf ball got to the putting surface. OK, so obviously that had nothing to do with where his ball wound up, but it still looked pretty darn cool:

We know Watson is a master at that shot, but it never gets old. According to the U.S. Open shot tracker, Watson's second shot traveled 302.6 yards, nearly identical to his 303.9-yard tee shot. Impressive.

Most importantly, he two-putted for birdie from there to move back to even par for the tournament. And to the weekend golfer looking to copy the two-time Masters champ this weekend, well, maybe? Nah, never mind. Don't try this at home. Definitely don't try this at home.