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U.S. Open 2020: Nike releases Winged Foot-inspired golf shoes in the 'Wing It' collection (available now)

Everything you need to know about the U.S. Open-themed Nike Air Jordans, Air Max 97s, Roshe Gs, Victory Tour and Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes

September 14, 2020

The anticipation around Nike’s limited-edition drops for every golf major is almost as high as for the tournament itself (OK, maybe just for shoe-heads). After the PGA Championship brought tie-dye covered Air Jordans, Air Max 97s, Roshe Gs and Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoes, golf fans and sneaker heads eagerly await the release of Nike’s U.S. Open-inspired golf shoes. The "Wing It" footwear pack will be available for anyone registered on the website as a Nike Member starting today (Sept. 14) and to the public on Thursday.

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Four of the five limited-edition U.S. Open golf shoes from Nike feature a repeating pattern of a foot with wings inspired by the major venue Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, N.Y. The gold embroidered emblem also recognizes Nike’s namesake inspired by the mythological winged goddess of victory that Nike nerds or anyone who has read the book Shoe Dog will appreciate. The four models—Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour ($180), Roshe G Tour ($130), Air Max 97 G ($190) and Air Zoom Victory Tour ($200)—drop today to kick off U.S. Open Week. Here's a look at the first four—the fifth shoe in the Nike U.S. Open Winged Foot collection, Jordan V Low G golf shoe ($220) will be available to the public on Sept. 18.

The Air Zoom Infinity Tour is the golf shoe Brooks Koepka had a big part in designing. The aim was to create a sneaker-like golf shoe with tour-level traction. The shoe has a white waterproof knit upper, the Winged Foot pattern across the middle of the shoe and a light blue heel. Light blue and navy stripes across the bottom of the shoe were inspired by the awning at the Winged Foot Clubhouse with a similar design.

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Nike Roshe G Tour | BUY NOW: $130 [Limited sizes available]

A fan favorite the Roshe G is usually of the first to sell out. Moments after the release, all sizes above a men's nine have been taken. If you do find a fit, the allover Winged Foot pattern is simple and stylish. The primarily white shoe is accented by a navy Nike Swoosh and the awning-striped pattern across the sock liner and spiked sole of the shoe.

The newest style of the group, the Air Max 97 G is ultra fashion-forward with a ton of energy return built into the cushioned outsole. The gold shoe logos are found below the Air Max's iconic wave design that was originally inspired by the movement of Japanese commuter trains. The word "Wings" is printed on the bottom of each shoe below the ultra-grippy integrated traction pattern that was engineered for on and off course wear.

Rounding out the first U.S. Open shoe drop from Nike is the Air Zoom Victory Tour. Know for a more refined look, these primarily white leather shoes feature the repeating wings graphic across the upper part of the shoe. The striped sock liner adds a touch of personality and a ton of cushioning to the underfoot. Like the rest of the the line, this upscale shoe also has the words "wings" printed on each outsole.

Coming on Friday (Sept. 18), the Jordan V Low features a royal and light blue motif with the iconic Jordan shark-tooth print on the outsole. It's the only shoe of the group to not feature the gold winged shoe emblem but has the awning-inspired stripes and "wing" print on the outsole.