U.S. Open 2019: Brooks Koepka revealed the bizarre secret to his powers—and it will blow your mind

June 15, 2019

PEBBLE BEACH — Brooks Koepka is not normal. We already knew that, and we mean that in the nicest of ways. Normal golfers don't win four out of eight majors. Normal humans don't have biceps as big as thighs. And normal people don't make walking a pressure-packed round at Pebble Beach look like a regular stroll on a beach.

Normal folks also drink coffee. But while America runs on Dunkin, Brooks runs on anything but. This, he acknowledged on Saturday at the 2019 U.S. Open in a post-round interview with Fox Sports' Joel Klatt—before going a step farther. Not only does he not drink any hot beverages, but he has NEVER had a hot beverage in his life. Yep. Have a listen:

Mind. Blown.

As Koepka explained, he grew up in Florida. But still, we're guessing 99% of the Sunshine State's population is hooked on java and the other one percent enjoys a hot chocolate every now and then. Florida isn't completely cold-weather proof, and who doesn't enjoy a hot chocolate? Oh, right. Brooks.

Wait a minute. Did Koepka just reveal the secret to his major championship domination? Is this coffee abstinence going to be the predecessor to the great gum chewing craze following Tiger Woods' win at the Masters? Eh. . . we're guessing that even if they knew cutting out coffee would lead to lower scores, there would still be a lot of fellow tour pros unwilling to part with their lattes.

In the meantime, Koepka has put himself in position to claim a third straight U.S. Open title. And there's not much anyone else can do about it—especially since there will be no cup of joe to spike on Sunday.