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U.S. Open 2018: Phil Mickelson conquers 13th hole on Sunday and breaks out signature Phil celebration

U.S. Open - Final Round

Andrew Redington

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. — Many were upset with Phil Mickelson's actions on Shinnecock's 13th green during Saturday's third round, and rightfully so. His reaction to saving par at the par 4 on Sunday isn't going to get him back in anyone's good graces.

Mickelson, who was working on a strong round of two under through 12 holes, missed the fairway and found thick fescue at the 13th, but still took a shot at the green and came up short in a bunker. From there, he blasted out his third to four feet, leaving him another slick putt, this time for par, though not nearly as slick as his bogey putt from Saturday. This time, Mickelson holed it, and broke out his signature Phil celebration that has been made into a logo for those awful long-sleeve shirts, as well as his shoes. Naturally, the Long Island crowd loved it:

While nothing will top what he did on Saturday, this is arguably just as odd of a move, calling even more attention to a situation that you'd think he'd want to let die down. Celebrating in a similar fashion to how he celebrated when he won the Claret Jug or his third green jacket might make things worse, judging by yesterday's reaction from media and fans.

It's not the first time today Mickelson has gone out of his way to call attention to himself either. He's always been good with the fans, but on Sunday it's gotten to an over-the-top level of yuck fest. Check out this video of him rubbing a fan's head:

Maybe he's just a big Donald Duck fan. Either way, his behavior should make for some fascinating post-round comments when he fields questions from media members that took him to task Saturday night.