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University of Texas football team gets hypnotized, and the results are hilarious

August 15, 2019

The University of Texas football team took place in an unusual team-building exercise this week. Instead of going to a movie or going bowling, the Longhorns had a hypnotist come to them. And the results were fantastic.

Check it out as professional hypnotist Jonathan Yeager takes members of the team through a variety of exercises while other members watching completely freak out:

Getting the guys to pretend like they were driving and then pretending they were being pulled over? Making one guy think he was glued to the chair? Genius.

Side note: Hypnosis is freaking WILD. This dude is just touching these guys and they are out cold. Absolute sorcery right there.

Then again one could say that Texas—like all the teams in the Big XII—is always asleep on defense. Heyooooo! Seriously, we should all be betting Big XII overs and getting rich this fall. You're welcome.

(h/t For The Win)