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Uber driver picks up Melvin Gordon, talks football with Melvin Gordon, has no idea it's Melvin Gordon

While they're usually pretty funny, "Undercover" athlete videos are hardly a new form of content. Modell's has a whole series dedicated to them titled ... wait for it ... "Undercover Associate." Aaron Judge did a great one on "The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon," and former NFL tight end Brent Celek starred in one of the more underrated videos when he pretended to be a Wawa employee. The problem is it's hard to tell if they are ever really genuine and not staged.

That is until the situation arises in real life, like it did with L.A. Chargers running back Melvin Gordon this weekend in Baltimore. Gordon, who is preparing to play the Baltimore Ravens in an AFC Wild Card game on Sunday, hopped into an Uber and began talking football with the driver. Realizing the driver had no idea who Gordon was, the 25-year-old whipped out his phone and started filming an Instagram live, and the results were fantastic. The entire video is well worth your time:

The craziest part is, this dude sounds like a legitimate NFL fan. I understand that not everyone watches sports, which often helps make these "Undercover" videos so great, but this guy clearly follows the league. Well, except for Gordon and the Chargers of course. "Do you play any sports yourself?" Besides being one of the best 30 running backs in NCAA history and instantly becoming a top five back in the NFL, nah, no sports for Melvin. You can bet that Uber driver is going to know who Gordon is on Sunday in Baltimore.