124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

The Big Day

Tyrrell Hatton was a half hour late to his own wedding ceremony (yes, really)

On Instagram and Twitter, Tyrrell Hatton's wedding day looked like all Instagram and Twitter wedding days look like - very special days that went off without a hitch. That's what we see on social media, only the good stuff:

Turns out, it was a semi-disatrous day, at least from the start, as Hatton explained on Wednesday at Congaree Golf Club ahead of the Palmetto Championship.

"It was a cool day, a little bit different than how we initially planned it, but with COVID and everything, it was just me and Emily," Hatton said. "It was funny, like we -- the day wasn't very smooth. Our driver turned up an hour late, so that meant we arrived half an hour late for our ceremony, and then, because we wanted it in the Blue Ridge Parkway and we wanted to hike up and have some nice pictures." 

To quickly recap, they were a half hour late for their own wedding, which sounds wild, but since it was just them at the ceremony it was likely a lot less stressful. But things got worse from there, as Hatton and Mrs. H went to take photos and Mother nature intervened. 

"Unfortunately, after finishing the ceremony, it absolutely pissed down with rain, and we then had to drive like two miles down the road, pulled over in a lay by, and we had our wedding pictures on the side of the road.

"So, yeah, not quite as magical as you'd plan it, I guess, but it was still pretty special."

Well, if that whole rain on your wedding day = good luck thing is true, then Hatton could make some of our expert handicappers very rich this week in South Carolina. Then again, it sounds like he's not quite at his physical peak after the celebration. 

"I certainly drunk my body weight in beer up in Asheville. I need to get back in the gym and sort myself out." 

Sounds like a pretty good wedding day to us.