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Masters 2020: The hilarious reason Tyrrell Hatton had to buy a new set of knives for his rental home in 2018

November 10, 2020

Keyur Khamar

As the old saying goes, you break it, you buy it. As Tyrrell Hatton find out during 2018 Masters week, that saying is also applicable when you burn something to a crisp.  

Fortunately, it wasn't food that Hatton burned, but a knife. On Tuesday at Augusta National, the Englishman explained what happened two years ago in the same rental home he's staying at this week.  

"Yeah, we are in a house this week about 20 minutes away," said Hatton. "It should be good fun.  We have got a nice little pool and a hot tub, so no doubt I'll be relaxing in there after rounds and stuff.  We actually rented the house in 2018, so it's quite nice kind of going back to something that feels familiar.  I just hope that my manager doesn't leave a knife in the oven this year and melt it." 

Ahh, yes, blame the manager. It's always important to have a "fall guy," as Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Cris Carter once infamously said

Don't worry, folks. Hatton replaced the knife. You burn it, you buy it. 

"A little awkward note at the end of the week, sorry about the knife.  We found the knife set on Amazon, so we left the money for a new knife set."