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Ty Jerome's first pitch at a UVA game was so bad it could hurt his NBA Draft stock

April 22, 2019

It's been an incredible couple of weeks for Ty Jerome. The University of Virginia junior helped lead the Cavaliers to a first NCAA men's basketball championship and then declared for the NBA Draft. But hopefully, for his sake, NBA scouts don't focus too much on the first pitch he threw out on Saturday.

Jerome, a projected late first-rounder in June's draft, tossed out a baseball ahead of UVA's game against Florida State on Saturday, and, well, let's just say he's more accurate shooting three-pointers. Check out this bounced ball in the dirt that had everyone from his teammates to his coach making fun of him.

Not quite 50 Cent-level bad, but still pretty rough. To Ty's credit, he handled the embarrassing moment well on Twitter:

Nice try, Ty. Use that "wind" excuse while you still can.