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Two Boston Red Sox fans are really overvaluing the Fenway Park banner they found

September 19, 2018

Two Boston Red Sox fans believe they are holding their beloved baseball team hostage over a banner meant for Fenway Park that wound up in their possession. What they don't realize is that the treasure rolled-up piece of vinyl they found in a brown paper bag on the road would probably cost the Red Sox a lot of money about $57 to replace. But while they're not as lucky as they think, we are all lucky for this happening and for the Boston Globe filming them.

In addition to them vastly overvaluing the "2018 American League East Champions" (Something Boston can clinch as early as Wednesday night against their rival Yanks) sign, the video is worth watching just to hear these SAWX fans say "CAH" and "PAHK" multiple times. It's like a two-minute version of Good Will Hunting. Have a look — and listen:

If this is some PR stunt by the Red Sox, kudos to them. But if this is real, these guys are nuts.

First of all, who runs across three lanes of traffic to pick up a brown paper bag with unknown contents? And wouldn't "doing the right thing" be giving the banner back instead of demanding playoff tickets? Also, there's no such thing as an "original" banner. There are simply banners, and again, they are easily replaceable. Seriously, you'd think these guys had happened upon Ted Williams' frozen head.

Anyway, good luck to these guys with their ongoing "negotiations." (They should take whatever they can get.)