Tuukka Rask emptying the net in a tie game was (almost) the dumbest movie in goalie history

February 11, 2021

In defense of Tuukka Rask, it was hard to keep track of the score in Wednesday night's Boston Bruins-New York Ranger game. Both teams had a goal reviewed in the third period, first the Bruins (the goal was overturned) then the Rangers (the goal stood). That, plus a number of stand-on-his-head saves from Rask made for a high-energy, hectic affair in an empty Madison Square Garden. 

That said, as a professional athlete making $7 million a year, it's not too much to ask to know the score at all times, especially if you are a goalie. With 1:07 left in the game, Rask apparently did not know the score, and in a 2-2 game he skated to his team's bench, leaving an empty net. There was no delayed penalty, either, meaning Rask had made a potentially catastrophic gaffe: 

Uhhh, WHOOPS! To Tuukka's credit, he admitted that he actually thought his team was down 2-1, not that there was a delayed penalty. Have to respect the honesty: 

Man, if only there was a gigantic scoreboard hanging over the ice, then we could avoid situations like this. Oh.... right.... 

Rask, who made 33 saves and avoided catastrophe in a 3-2 OT win, is expected to be back in between the pipes on Friday night at MSG for a second straight tilt with the Rangers. A word of advice for the netminder: look UP whenever you get the chance.