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Tua Tagovailoa buys mom Cadillac for Mother's Day, is your new favorite NFL nice guy

Like Zion Williamson before him, Tua Tagovailoa is such a nice guy that it doesn't matter that he made his name playing for the most nauseating megalith in his respective sport. Sure, both mono-syllabic prodigies were propaganda machines for the evil empires that recruited them and are probably sitting on a wad of blood money for their complicity, but what really counts is the heart inside the chest, not the insignia emblazoned on it. And if Tua's Mother's Day is any indication, he's got a pretty damn big ticker beating beneath that Adidas triple stripe. Take it away, kid.

The kid went out and straight up bought his mom a Cadillac. You really can't hate on that, even if you're a Jets fan. And before you go all "tHiS and AvoCaDo tOAsT aRe wHy MiLlenNiaLs cAn'T aFfORd hOuSEs," not only was Tua's teal #1 the best selling jersey in the NFL last week (and the white version #2), but he also just signed this little doozy. Needless to say, this isn't mom's last Escalade.

Watch your back Russell Wilson, this kid is coming for your good guy crown and he's bringing a damn army with him. Buying your parents a shiny new Cadillac is fraught with its own set of perils, however. Just ask Morty Seinfeld.