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Try these quick setup adjustments to improve your follow-through and ball flight

Feeling stuck after impact, like you can’t finish your swing in a comfortable way? Not only is this frustrating, but it could lead to an inconsistent shot pattern. Golf Digest Teaching Professional Erika Larkin says that one of the best ways to counteract an awkward follow-through is to add more space to swing. Use Larkin’s simple setup keys to create a more free-flowing follow-through.

Follow along with the quick clip below to improve your finish and rein in your shots.

Larkin says the key to a full through-swing is having enough room between your arms and body. It should feel like your arms are hanging freely from your shoulders, Larkin says.

If your arms are blocked by your torso or lower body through impact, Larkin says to try backing up and bending over from your waist a touch more. This slight adjustment will create more space for your arms to move through to the finish.

Adding space to your swing can also mean making an effort to get your lead arm on top of your chest or torso at address, Larkin says. Whether it’s because of mobility limitations or body shape, this adjustment will allow you to create an angle for your arms to clear your body through impact, Larkin says.

Maintain your spacing and continue swinging through freely with Larkin’s swing thought, “Bow to the ball and stand back."

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