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Troy Aikman continues year of the roast by crapping on Cooper Kupp's dad on live television

Troy Aikman is absolutely feeling himself in 2019. Don't believe us? Back in August, he took sports radio personality Doug Gottlieb (of credit card fraud fame) to the woodshed for his awful take on Andrew Luck's retirement, which he immediately tried to write off as "sarcasm." If you don't recall, here's what Gottlieb tweeted:

Everybody and their mother had a quote tweet, but nobody bodied Dougie quite like Aikman did:

What made this particularly great, other than the endless "BODY BAG" comments and pop culture GIFs in the replies, was that Aikman and Gottlieb both work for FOX. They're coworkers! And Aikman openly dumped on him. What a world.

A month later, Aikman was back at it, responding to a tweet from The Athletic's Kansas City Twitter account that randomly compared Patrick Mahomes to Aikman:

Once again, from the clouds, Aikman ripped the top of the salt shaker and started pouring it on:

Jeez Troy, take it easy! What did Mahomes do to you?

On Thursday night, Aikman's roasting tour continued. While he was calling the epic TNF game between the Seattle Seahawks and L.A. Rams, Rams receiver Cooper Kupp flashed on the screen. Aikman took this opportunity to eviscerate Kupp's dad Craig, who was once his backup for, as Troy put it, "two cups of coffee." If the pun was intended, Aikman is more savage than we thought:

Real classy of Troy to bury the guy six feet under and then add "miss you my man, hope you're doing well!" Well, you killed him Troy, so I don't think he's doing so hot.

Unlike his roast of Gottlieb and the Mahomes tweet, people were not thrilled with Aikman's random dagger of poor Craig Kupp:

Hey, you live by the roast and you die by the roast. All we know is Aikman has been feeling real saucy this year, and we hope it continues because it is tremendous content. He must secretly know that Tony Romo is going to take his seat beside Joe Buck next year, so he's not going down without a fight.