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Trick shot artistes Dude Perfect attempt to play golf with tennis rackets, baseball bats, and pool cues

December 05, 2017

What would golf be like if you couldn't use golf clubs...or golf balls...or pretty much any other equipment expressly designed for smacking a tiny object hundreds of yards through the air at a target about the size of a coffee mug? Well, the answer, at least according to Dude Perfect's second All Sports Golf Battle—which sees the trick shot crew attempt to play "golf" on an actual course with everything from tennis rackets to soccer balls to frisbees—is a simple one: Even harder than it already is, which is already next to impossible if the wind is kicking up, or you had three beers the night before, or are thinking about emails, or have a sore calf, or forgot to bring a banana, or, well, you get the picture:

Dude Perfect start off on a par 5 with a water hazard, and don't fare particularly well with the length, with a 10 clocking in as the low score on the hole. After that the crew moves to a par 3, where their non-golf implements fare decidedly better, with both groups managing to make bogey. So yeah, probably goes without saying, but trying to play golf without high-priced titanium tools that your wife hates is a pretty tough (and kind of pointless) ask, but hey, if you ever find yourself on the course with nothing but a Vortex or something, at least you know it CAN be done.