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Tour Pros on Stack & Tilt

August 30, 2007

Faithful reader Chuck Sawyer yesterday asked for comments from the tour pros who use Stack & Tilt. Here's Mike Weir recently on his changes. Note, given the discussion about the method's risk for injury, what Weir says about "back and neck issues."

*Q. You've undergone some pretty significant swing changes. Can you tell us what you've learned since leaving Mike Wilson and what stage your rebuilt swing is at? * MIKE WEIR: Yeah, I don't like using the term rebuilt. But changes, the few changes I've made or feel more comfortable. I've been working with Mike and Andy for about eight months, and really the biggest thing is I'm able to practice without any pain afterwards. I don't have any back or neck issues. And, you know, to really sum it up, it just feels more efficient. It's a lot less going on. Maybe a little more powerful. But maybe, just more efficient and I can get out there and get the work done that I like to. I love to practice, so I've been able to do that. So that's what I like about it.


Here's Weir's shorthand description of S & T:

--Bob Carney