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Tour pro lays into fan at Houston Open: 'You can't keep your mouth quiet for five minutes?'

If the recent Bio Kim controversy taught us anything, it's that more than a few PGA Tour pros wouldn't last very long playing by the Korean Tour's rules. That's not to say they are right or wrong in calling out fans who distract them in their backswings, just that they can pretty much get away with whatever they want when chastising said fans.

The latest example of this occurred on Friday at the Houston Open, where Korn Ferry Tour Player of the Year Scottie Scheffler was hanging right on the projected cut line on his final hole of the day. Needing at worst a par and potentially a birdie, Scheffler appeared to slightly lose his balance at impact at the Golf Club of Houston's par-3 ninth. As the Golf Channel cameras cut to a shot of Scheffler's ball finding the greenside bunker, Scheffler could be heard saying "Are you kidding me?" adding, "You can't keep your mouth quiet for five minutes, man? Right in the middle of my swing."

Here's the full clip:

Sheesh, that fan must have been chatty.

Fortunately for Scheffler, the fan didn't follow him up to the green (we assume), because he was able to refocus and get up and down from the bunker for par. That gave him a two-over 74 and a 36-hole total of one under, which is looking better by the minute. As of right now, the projected cut line has dropped to even par, so Scheffler appears to be destined for the weekend. Hopefully, for his sake, that chatterbox doesn't have weekend tickets.