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Tour Edge Exotics CBX iS extends iron-wood idea and energy to full set


Tour Edge’s Exotics CBX iS irons show what you can learn from making hollow-body iron-like hybrids for the better part of two decades. That’s what Tour Edge founder, president and designer Dave Glod’s been thinking about since the turn of the century when he began extending hybrid-like thinking to full iron sets.

The Exotics CBX iS seems another galaxy removed from the company’s turn-of-the-century “Any Lie” Iron-Wood, but in reality it’s just a natural progression, Glod said.

“We may have been a little ahead of our time with the hollow-body iron design,” Glod said. “But now we feel we have constructed the best of what’s available in the hollow-iron market with a driving iron-like club that sets up like a blade and delivers power like a metalwood. The biggest difference over designs of the past is that you can control this club very easily.

“The feedback came in almost immediately after we launched the Exotics CBX Iron-wood in 2-5 irons that there was a demand for this iron-wood in a full set from 5-iron to pitching wedge.”

That mixture of power and control comes from a forgiving, hybrid-like rounded sole design combined with a thin, L-shaped face made of forged, high-tensile strength Japanese HT980 steel. Glod said the variable thickness face helps the Exotics CBX iS reach a spring-like effect at the USGA limit.

Already developed as a long-iron replacement, the Exotics CBX iS iron set uses progressive offset to make the transition to the middle and short irons. A beveled leading edge improves turf interaction. The set extends from 2-iron to 49-degree gap wedge.

The CBX iS set will be offered primarily in a “Sterling Silver” finish, but 30 sets will be available in “Black Pearl,” as well. The 6-piece Sterling Silver set (5-PW) will retail for $900 in steel and $1,200 in graphite. Seven-piece sets are $1,050 and $1,400, respectively. The CBX iS iron set will be available May 15.