Tour Championship 2018: Thousands of fans walked right behind Tiger Woods on Sunday, creating an unbelievable scene at East Lake

September 23, 2018

Back in the day, before massive crowds started to turn out to follow professional golfers, fans would regularly walk down the fairways behind the competitors. On Sunday at the Tour Championship, we got a reminder of those type of scenes—but with Tiger Woods walking down the 18th fairway with a two-shot lead looking for his first win in five years, the scene was on steroids.

We're not sure how or why, but the gallery ropes were taken away on the 72nd hole of East Lake, and fans ran down the fairway after Tiger striped his final tee shot. Not only would Tiger enjoy his walk up 18 with his playing partner Rory McIlroy, but what seemed like tens of thousands of golf fans trailed behind them—trying to get as close as possible to this unimaginable moment. And it was pretty cool.

So as a small group of security guards kept the hoards away from Tiger as he tried to somehow sneak past to get to his ball in the bunker, we got one of the more unforgettable scenes of 2018.

Everybody wanted to be a part of Tiger's 80th PGA Tour win.

And here's what it was like to be on the grounds:

The resounding chants of "Tiger!" "Tiger!", and the atmosphere around Tiger in Atlanta on Sunday, will resonate for everyone watching Tiger's return to the winner's circle on Sunday.

tiger woods scene 2.jpg
tiger woods scene 1.jpg