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Torrey and, oh yeah, Rory

April 10, 2008

Let's face it, Rory Sabbatini gets no respect. Winner of yesterday's Par 3, he now has no chance to win the Masters, or so Masters logic goes. Now reader Linc Duncanson, Dresser, Wisconsin, administers the ultimate insult, relegating Sabbatini to part 2 of a letter on our US Open Contest.

Shame on you for choosing 5 low handicappers for the the U.S. Open Contest. Four are single digit handicappers and one is "approximately a 10."...When will you learn that the majority of your readers are single digit handicap golfers? It would have been fun to see an average Joe try. And another thing: What makes you think that anyone cares what Rory Sabbatini carries in his bag? He's not an example of etiquette and sportsmanship that is Golf....

Linc, the voters seem to agree because the highest handicapper, John Atkinson has a substantial lead in the contest. His course handicap would probably be more like 12 at Torrey. (You still have time to vote).

Our feeling was that putting an average Joe (16-18 handicap) on Torrey under Open conditions might not be the best example of that etiquette and sportsmanship you mention. More like torture, eh?

--Bob Carney