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Tony Romo reveals 'insane' thing he's never seen Scottie Scheffler do in 500 rounds playing together

April 23, 2024

There are countless stats you can lean on to explain just how good Scottie Scheffler is at golf. The 40 consecutive rounds of par or better. The fact he gains more than a stroke per round over the next best golfers on the PGA Tour. Or that he's making nearly $2 million per start in 2024. The World No. 1 is now farther ahead of World No. 2 Rory McIlroy in the Official World Golf Ranking than Rory is of No. 788 Tiger Woods. You get the point.

But we got another 'insane' Scottie stat from a somewhat unexpected source on Monday: Tony Romo.

The former Dallas Cowboys QB and one of the best celebrity golfers around claims to have played about 500 rounds with Scheffler through the years. And in all that time, he says he's never seen Scheffler shoot in the 70s. Ever.

"I don't think I've ever played a round of golf with Scottie Scheffler and him not break 70, ever, which is insane," Romo said in a clip posted by the PGA Tour Champions. "Like now I'm actually starting to count it, where I'm like, we've got to be around 500. I'm like, not one day you're off in golf where you shoot 70, 71."

That's pretty wild. Have a look and listen:

So there you have it, folks. Scottie Scheffler literally never has a bad day on the golf course. Not on the PGA Tour. Not when he's playing with his friends. And we're guessing Romo has paid pretty dearly for that along the way.