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Good Effort

Tommy Fleetwood's attempt at playing a par 4 with just a putter went about as bad as you can imagine

January 29, 2021

We've brought you countless posts showing how good the world's best golfers are, not that you need to be reminded of that fact. They make millions of dollars hitting a little white ball around. Or, if it's a colored ball, they make even more from their equipment company.

But today, we're here to tell you there are times on the golf course when these guys look like total weekend hackers. Well, if you really stack the deck against them, that is.

Take the European Tour's ongoing "One Club Challenge," a video series that pushes a pro to play a hole with one club. As you can imagine, shenanigans ensue, although it's usually yet another way for these guys to prove how good they are. Unless you're Tommy Fleetwood. Using only a putter.

The 30-year-old Brit drew the short straw by drawing the shortest club in the latest episode from Dubai and, well, it was a struggle. After a decent drive that somehow cleared the desert, things went downhill. And after still not being on the 379-yard par 4 in six attempts, Fleetwood did what many of those weekend hackers do: pick up. Here's a look:

Tough luck, Tommy! But seriously, what a good sport.

Of course, Lucas Herbert parring the hole with a 7-iron, including rolling in a 20-foot putt, was pretty darn impressive. So, yeah, these guys are still good. Really freaking good.