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Sore Losers

Tom Brady put on a historically salty performance in his postgame press conference on Sunday

November 15, 2021

After two decades of playing in the NFL, you'd think, by now, that Tom Brady would be able to handle himself in a post-loss press conference. His historically salty performance from after Sunday's defeat at the hands of the Washington Football Team would indicate he's still an all-world sore loser.

In fairness to Brady, that's what makes him so great - his hatred of losing. It's driven him to become the greatest winner arguably in sports history, and it's still driving him to play until he's 50 years old. It's hard to blame him for being pissed after a rare L. In 310 regular season NFL games, he's now lost only 72 times. 

Sunday's loss was particularly tough to swallow for a few reasons - 1. it came off a bye, and 2. Brady's two first-quarter interceptions put them in a hole the Buccaneers could never crawl out of. They lost 29-19, and Brady was understandably not thrilled afterward. "Who wants to go first? Let's make it quick," Brady barked at the media in attendance for his postgame presser. After answering three questions with a few cliche-packed non-answers, Brady said "thank you guys" and attempted to walk away, only for one reporter to chime in and say "that's it?"

Oof. Anchovy levels of saltiness right there. To his credit, he stayed for a few more questions after that reporter (sort of) called him out. "What else?" Brady replied, before answering four more questions in identical fashion to the first three:

Again, when you lose as often as he does, and by often we mean never, you're bound to get reeeaallll pissy like this. if the Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs taught us anything on Sunday, it's that you do not want to be the next opponent of a good team (with a great quarterback) that's coming off a few ugly games. Prayers up for the New York Giants, who get an angry Tom Brady off back-to-back losses next Monday night.