Tom Brady didn't realize winning the Super Bowl was hard until 2010 (yes, this is a real thing that he said)

December 28, 2019

Tom Brady haters, you might want to turn back now. Just kidding, please keep reading, but I wouldn't do so on an upset stomach.

On Friday night, the final episode of "NFL 100: All-Time Team" aired on NFL Network, this one featuring the reveal of greatest quarterbacks of all time. You're not going to believe this, but Brady made the team. Quite the upset!

The real upset was Brady appearing in the episode to discuss his spot on the roster, among other football things, with Bill Belichick, Cris Collinsworth, Rich Eisen and Brett Favre, who was also one of the quarterbacks selected. The entire, two-hour finale was so good that even a New York Jets or Buffalo Bills fan might find some enjoyment watching it, though one part in particular might also send them to the toilet to begin vomiting. That part, which features Brady explaining how he didn't realize winning the Super Bowl was hard until about a decade into his career, can be viewed below:

Honestly, I can see his point. TB12 went to and won the Super Bowl in three of his first four NFL seasons. Of course it seemed easy. When he finally found out it wasn't, it was right around the time the Pats' reign of terror appeared to be over. In 2010, New England lost in its very first playoff game for the second straight season, this time in the Divisional Round against the Jets, a team that looked poised to take over the AFC East in the years to come. How's that working out? The Pats have now gone to five Super Bowls since and won three of them. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I hope Brady doesn't play long enough to find out winning the Super Bowl is hard again.