Sanderson Farms Championship

The Country Club of Jackson

Golf Digest October 2009

September 30, 2009

Cover Photo By Dom Furore


Lessons from the British Open

By Tom Watson

Analysis by Jack Nicklaus

Tips for improving at any age

By Tom Watson


The bunker shot at Turnberry that put me in position to win

By Stewart Cink

My new breakthrough proves the ultimate power secret

By Jim McLean

Hitting with a flat left wrist is the key to pure ball-striking

By Tom Ness

By Jim (Bones) Mackay

Short-game lessons from his new book

By Stan Utley


Kiss the knees for balance

Learn good touch and maintain a quiet head on irons


Master golf's toughest shot

When your swing deserts you

Push off the ground for power

Tips for stroking a 50-footer

Easy way to distance control


John Daly continues to battle, and he's running out of time

By Jaime Diaz

Ken Green lost three loves of his life and part of his leg, but he vows to play on

By Dave Kindred

There's a new No. 1 atop our latest ranking

By Peter Finch

Decoding the puzzle


JERRY TARDE: My first interview with Nicklaus was about Watson

TIM ROSAFORTE: Late night with Glover and Cink

DAVID OWEN: Great deals on courses. Act now!

STINA STERNBERG: What's the protocol for after-golf drinks and dinner?

DAN JENKINS: Our man tweets from the British Open

JAIME DIAZ: When life intrudes, golf training helps players cope


THE LATEST GEAR: What's a hybrid supposed to look like? | Video

NEW LOOKS: The latest shoes enhance stability

WHAT'S IN MY BAG? Lucas Glover

HOT LIST: We reveal the eight best pushcarts | Video


AWAY GAME: Central Oregon, the latest primo golf destination

LONG DRIVES: Connecticut to Philadelphia in a Jaguar XFR


ON THE TEE: Ross Fisher

RULES: Match-play quiz

GOLF GURU: The proper etiquette on practice greens

FITNESS: Your golf mileage