Golf Digest March 2009

February 28, 2009

Cover Photo By Stephen Szurlej


Seven steps to jump-start your game

Can Hank Haney fix golf's worst swing?

By Matthew Rudy

My advice for making a swing change

Escape fairway sand

By Jack Lumpkin

Improve your accuracy with this drill


Why he's havin' a ball

Analysis by Steve Johnson

Face up to keep it square

Advice for making four-footers

No more chunks out of the rough

Get low, keep eyes level to find the line

Solid contact starts with a correct setup

Tips for toughest shots at Bethpage


Our man spent a month in the mountains of Nepal and China to capture these shots

Photographs/text by Dom Furore

Golf Digest's survey of the game's elite reveals what they'll say with anonymity

Wanna break 100 at Bethpage? It'll take power and finesse.

Here's how and why, with tips from pros

By Jaime Diaz

These four case studies of tour players demonstrate that you can play golf again

He's brash, humble, strong, soft, fearless, funny and combative.

Is he also Tiger's next challenger?

By Tom Callahan


__THE LATEST GEAR: __ Drivers

__NEW LOOKS: __Golf balls

__BOMB & GOUGE: __Return of the chipper

__WHAT'S IN MY BAG? __Stephen Ames


AWAY GAME: Biloxi, Miss.

LONG DRIVES: Miami to Key West, Fla.

FRUGAL GOLFER: Rental clubs

AMBUSH: Canadian migration

Q&A WITH BOO: In this Web-extra interview, Boo discusses his other passion: hunting, flying coach and why he sits in the back of the plane


__ON THE TEE: __America's Angels

RULES: Ground under repair

GOLF GURU: Why pros insist on silence

__FITNESS:__Stay warm, loose on chilly days

STYLE: Keep in step with these new shoes


JERRY TARDE: Editor's letter

TIM ROSAFORTE: Love III gets extreme

DAVID OWEN: My 9-iron and me

STINA STERNBERG: Slow girlfriend?

RICH LERNER: Ten Qs with Joe Ogilvie

JOE QUEENAN: The Beethoven Open

DAN JENKINS: The Golfinator

JAIME DIAZ: 18 holes for 2 bucks