Golf Digest October 2008

September 28, 2008

Cover Photo By Dom Furore


Use the four stats that really matter to diagnose and treat your game

By Hank Haney

How to make the six-footer with Guy Yocom

My tips on hitting the 4, 5, and 6

By Geoff Ogilvy

The feel of a good shot, and how to get it

Tom Watson advises New York Times columnist Tom Friedman on match play

How a $5 kid's toy can keep you on target

By Mike LaBauve

The forgotten fairway woods

By Don Hurter


Try this tempo drill to pure your longer irons

Analysis by Randy Smith

For distance control from the sand,turn your belt buckle toward the target

My three keys to playing the flop shot

Driving: Stop those heel and toe hits

Chipping: Turn your buttons back and through to improve your contact

How to shift your weight for more power

A grip tip from two hockey legends

Get your touch back with my putting drilL

The upside of Tiger's nasty knee injury; my bearish take on the October Tournaments; Greg Norman: the best wind player ever?


The economy and competition: Two reasons now might be the year to sign up

By Chris Millard

With realistic goals and a smart Master plan, members can rescue things before it's too late

By David Senza

It's about family

By Bob Carney

We asked 200 club members what they wish they had known before joining. Our Q&A tells what YOU should know

By Brett Avery readers speak out on the economy

Our crew gives you 30-plus ideas on the best ways to cash in

By The Editors


ON THE TEE: Tiger is eager to return to the tour

SPECIAL REPORT: GROOVES: The USGA and R&A change the rules

GOLF GURU: Do you mind? Cell phones on the range

INTERACTIVE RULES QUIZ: Our quiz helps you save strokes (and energy)

FITNESS: When's the best time to play?


THE LATEST GEAR: The New Classics: Drivers slyly change old look with new technology

WHAT'S IN MY BAG: Jeff Quinney

BOMB & GOUGE: Super game-improvement clubs: necessary?


JERRY TARDE: Editor's letter

DAVID OWEN: The effect of Tiger's injury

TIM ROSAFORTE: A hair-raising finish for Stewart Cink

STINA STERNBERG: Golf or your wife?

DAN JENKINS: PGA Championship report


Tour players and power couples are biking, boating and teeing it up in Mayakoba, Mexico

Dollars and sense: tips for enjoying the world's favorite golf destinations

'Relatively clean, guy-type fun'

Brooks' Bar & Deck at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline, Nev.