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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select line expands with new, "compact" mid-mallets based on player feedback

January 14, 2019

Titleist’s Scotty Cameron Select line rightly gets plenty of attention for its classic blade putters, but two new models added to the line stretch the Select’s offerings to include two new mallet offerings. Never fear, though, the attention to classic details remains.

The new models, the Fastback 2 and the Squareback 1.5, reflect the author’s understanding of tour player feedback with regard to shaping and hosel features. The new Select Fastback was introduced last year, and its updated version now adds a plumber’s neck hosel, a direct result of input from the tours. The rounded, mid-mallet design’s new hosel configuration provides one shaft of offset for more confidence at address. The Fastback 2 features adjustments to the topline and a reduced face height.

Meanwhile, the Select Squareback 1.5 takes on crisper angles in its oversized blade shape. It includes a new mini-slant neck. Like the Fastback 2, the topline has been trimmed and the face height reduced, as well.

“Extending the Select line was all about taking the feedback we got from players and incorporating it into new offerings,” Cameron said. “Shortly after we introduced the 2018 Fastback and Squareback models on tour, players began asking for them with prototype necks. We are seeing more and more players gravitate to these nice, compact head shapes. They’re not blades and not exactly mallets. We call them mid-mallets. By creating the Fastback 2 with a plumbing neck, and the Squareback 1.5 with our mini-slant neck, we’re giving players everything they asked for and more.”

Both models continue the new Select line’s face inlay technology. Each features a 6061 aluminum face piece surrounded by a 303 stainless steel body. In between the two metals is a vibration damping layer that’s now 30 percent larger than in the 2016 Select models.

As well, each model features heel and toe sole weights to better match head weight to a specific length. The 33-inch models feature two 20-gram weights for a heavier overall head weight, and the weights decrease in subsequent lengths with two 15-gram weights in the 34-inch models and two 10-gram weights in the 35-inch versions.

The two new models will join the existing Select line in stores Feb. 15 ($400).