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New Titleist Scotty Cameron Select, Futura mallets the latest in his most distinctive work

January 24, 2017
Futura 6M Hero 1.jpg

The latest Titleist Scotty Cameron Select and Futura mallets might get you thinking differently about the game’s most well-known putter designer.

While Cameron’s reputation has grown most richly for his blade designs that earned places in winner’s bags and have been coveted by collectors and average golfers of all types for the better part of the last two decades, it may be his mallets that stand as his most distinctive work.

Select Newport 3 Hero 1.jpg

A mini-mallet or “teardrop-shaped” mallet, as Cameron calls it, is the latest addition to the Select Newport line. The Select Newport 3 is at once a departure from the rest of the typical heel-toe weighted Newport line and a fitting compliment. Unlike the others, the heel-shafted Newport 3 features a milled 6061 aluminum face piece inset around a milled 303 stainless body. The combination of the heavier steel surrounding the soft feeling and lighter aluminum helps create more stability on off-center strikes.

“We’ve extended the methodology of our proven multi-material technology to include the aircraft grade aluminum inlay, which allows me to design more of the weight into the sculpted back flange, as well as get the sweet feel the inlay produces,” Cameron says. “The result is an extension to the Select family that pulls together the entire line.”

Meanwhile, Cameron has dramatically expanded his line of Futura mallets to a range that includes both traditional looks as well as extreme shapes that pursue high moment of inertia for extra stability on off-center hits.

“This new Futura line blends my ideas about high-performance putter designs with my long-standing ideals that high-tech should always be high-quality,” Cameron says. “What we’ve pioneered with our multi-material technology allows me to design properly-weighted larger putter heads for more stable setups to give mallet players more confidence over putts.”

The seven new Futura models, each of which mix lightweight milled aluminum with heavy 303 stainless steel, include:

Futura 5MB Hero 1.jpg

The Futura 5MB and 5CB are traditional round, mid-mallet shapes with 6061 aluminum face insets. The 5MB, as in muscleback, features a solid steel back flange, while the 5CB, as in cavity back, features an aluminum cavity in the back flange.

The Futura 5S and 5W feature the wingback shaping from the previous X5 and X7M models, with the 5S utilizing a back bar joining the the two wings that extend back from the heel and toe.

Slightly larger, the Futura 6M echoes the high-MOI look with extended heel and toe weights that Cameron developed for Adam Scott both in his broomstick putter days and his post anchoring choices. It’s also offered in a counterbalanced, or “Dual Balance,” option with 50 grams extra headweight offset by a 50-gram weight plug in the butt end of the grip.

Finally, the wingback Futura 7M, the largest of the new Futura mallets, refines the shaping of its predecessor, the X7M.

Both the Select Newport 3 and the Futura series putters are expected to be in stores March 17 ($380, $400 for Dual Balance models).