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Tilting "No" on New Tour Swing

September 04, 2007

Instructor Peter Stern of Kings Point, New York, is not surprised by the success of Stack & Tilt pros this weekend in Boston. Aaron Baddeley (-11), Charlie Wi (-7), Will MacKenzie (-4), Mike Weir (-4) Dean Wilson (-4) and Tommy Armour III (+1) all fared reasonably well. But Stern, who's written before, isn't buying the "New Tour Swing" for amateurs. Add his name to the teachers who voiced doubts in September's Stack & Tilt Part II story:

Golf Digest, for the sake of average golfers (95%), I hope this will be the last issue regarding [this] swing theory.... this method will cause golfers to swing on a very vertical upright plane. What goes straight up, comes straight down which will only cause slices, pop-ups, loss of distance, toe shots and difficulty with the longer clubs. These are problems pretty much every mid- or high-handicapper faces. As an analogy try hitting a Roger Clemens fastball with your weight starting on your front side. >

Weight shift is important in every sport there is and golf is no different.

To quote, again, Butch Harmon in that issue: It ain't for everyone.

--Bob Carney