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Tiger Woods spotted practicing with a unique-looking putter before Skins Game on Sunday

No, Tiger Woods isn’t changing putters. Well, not yet at least. But he did give those paying close attention something to gawk on the practice putting green prior to MGM Resorts The Challenge: Japan Skins on Sunday.

Woods was using a TaylorMade blade putter with a triangular neck. Golf Channel’s Tiger Tracker, tweeted this photo:

The odd-looking club brings to mind a putter design from Ashdon Golf, which boasts a similar triangle-shaped neck putter.

So why a triangle for a neck? Obviously this putter is not ready for prime time so TaylorMade is keeping mum. Ashdon, however, has this explanation on its website:

“The triangle is one of the two strongest forms of stability in the world. If you look at any bridge or building, they are always connected with triangles and circles. That is because the triangle and the circle create the greatest stability and balance that is needed for structural engineering.”

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So there you go.

Of course, by game time, Woods was back with his normal Scotty Cameron in the bag. When you’re putting for dough in a skins game, it’s tough to send old faithful to the bench.