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Seven things we love about this interview with an 18-year-old Tiger Woods

November 21, 2013

As a senior on the Western High School golf team, Tiger Woods and his high school coach did a sit-down interview with AIM Sports TV. Among other things, Woods discusses his competitiveness, his will to be a better person and his feelings toward his critics. Here's the video:

-- The host, Paul Higgins. He's a beauty.

-- Woods' high school coach, Don Crosby. He's also a beauty. Years later, Crosby wrote a golf instruction book titled, "Tiger Woods Made Me Look Like A Genius: 5 Simple Ways To Take 10 Strokes Off Your Game" (Great title!). Seriously, it's a real book you can buy.

-- Woods wearing what appear to be the same lame jeans he had on at the Broncos game (above) the other night.

-- Woods on what others expect of him: "I really don't give a darn what they think." Obviously, he hadn't met Brandel Chamblee yet. Also, he used the word "darn." How cute!

-- Woods' holistic philosophy: "There's more to life than just playing golf and hitting this little, white ball around. There's more to life than just that."

-- Woods being polite throughout the interview, but then seeming like he can't wait to pull his mic off when it's over. Sound familiar?