The Tiger Enemy List

The roster of names that have run afoul of golf's most dominant figure runs long. Here we select the names at the top

While Tiger Woods has spent a career lacking a true rival, he's used an assortment of adversaries to his advantage. Golf Digest Contributing Editor Tom Callahan touched on this in his book, In Search of Tiger: A Journey Through Golf with Tiger Woods, in a passage about Woods and his mother, Kultida:

"If you cross them, you are dead. They are like Joe DiMaggio that way...Tida never forgives, Tiger seldom does; neither of them ever forgets. They revel in paybacks for the rest of their enemies' lives."

Any slight -- even those imagined or innocuous -- does not go unnoticed. Hence the Nixon-like enemies list Woods has developed through the years. Here is a partial list:
Brandel Chamblee

Brandel Chamblee

The tour player-turned-Golf Channel analyst has been a consistent and outspoken critic of Woods, often citing flaws in Woods' game in recent years. It was a column in, however, in which Chamblee took on Woods' character, saying that Woods was "a little cavalier with the rules" in 2013. Chamblee never used the word "cheater" when talking about Woods, but he strongly implied it, likening Woods' season to a test he took in fourth grade in which he received an 'F' for cheating. Chamblee has since apologized for the column.
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