Memory Lane

Tiger Woods reveals what he believes is his greatest golf shot ever

September 21, 2023

This probably goes without saying, but Tiger Woods has hit more than a few jaw-dropping, physics-defying golf shots over the years. Those pair of chip-ins at the Memorial in 1999 and 2012. The 16th-hole ace at the 1997 Phoenix Open. The impossibly clutch six-iron out of the bunker on the 72nd hole of the 2000 Canadian Open. “OH MY!” Take your pick. We all have a favorite.

But have you ever wondered what Tiger’s favorite is? It’s shocking we’ve made it this long without ever asking Woods his opinion on the matter, but the good folks at TaylorMade righted that wrong this week, asking the 15-time major winner what he believes is the greatest golf shot he's ever hit. In typical Tiger fashion, he delivered his answer quickly, authoritatively and with pinpoint accuracy. Listen up.

2002. Hazeltine. Wind howling like a werewolf under a full moon. We’re sure you’re scrambling over to YouTube for the highlight right now but allow us to save you the trip.

The booth called it on the spot, dubbing it “one of the best golf shots” they had ever seen, but the smile on Tiger’s face as he strode up the fairway said it all. He drained the putt for birdie because of course he did.

Woods didn’t win the 2002 PGA Championship—that honor belongs to one-hit-wonder Rich Beem—but clearly the stage and stakes and, most importantly, feel of the shot have stuck with Tiger even 21 years later. Here’s hoping we get to see another classic or two before Woods hangs up the spikes for good, but if not, he's already given us more than we could have ever hoped for.