124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Just Beat Balls

Tiger Woods delivers the one tip he’d give amateur golfers and it’s an instant NSFW classic

September 12, 2023

In case the signal fires lit at golf courses across America haven’t alerted you, Tiger Woods is back on the range. On Tuesday, Woods was spotted in his most official golf capacity yet following his spring ankle surgery, juggling balls and hitting one-handed chips at Liberty National ahead the Nexus Cup.

However, the best part of Tiger’s unexpected appearance wasn’t what he did—reports say he took no full swings—but what he said. Asked about the number-one tip he would give amateur golfers hoping to one day make the leap to the pro ranks, Woods, without even looking from his putting stroke, delivered this NSFW Big Cat classic. Sound up.

“Don’t. F—king. Watch. YouTube.” Woods replied before the question was even finished. "Just beating balls?" he was then asked. "Just beating balls," he confirmed.

On on one hand, this is just oldmanyellsatcloud.gif, but even if you’re a full-blown YT head consuming swing minutiae every time you’re on the toilet, you have to respect the sentiment: No amount of watching is better than doing. Go touch grass. Literally.

We understand the world has changed considerably since Woods reign of dominance, but he won his ninth and 10th majors in 2005, the same year YouTube launched. If Woods could win double-digit majors with nothing but grainy VHS tapes and blister-bursting reps, then you can shave a stroke or two off your handicap by putting your phone down and churning through some buckets.