Stats show Tiger Woods was even elite at this not-so-elite part of golf

March 02, 2022

An exciting and revolutionary—albeit completely illegal—golf club that could help hackers everywhere was unveiled by the brilliant Club Pro Guy on Tuesday. Called the Xe747 Punch Out Club, it's designed to do exactly that (and only that): punch out.

In case you missed it, have a look at this clip that stacks up against any of the all-time great golf informercials, from the Alien Wedge to even the Hammer X driver:

"Even though it looks dumb as hell, this is not a gimmick club." How can you argue with a testimonial like that? And what about "Keith," who claims to have gone from a 34 handicap to a 32.7 in just 16 rounds! You just can't teach that kind of improvement.

As you can see, the club allows you to swing from the right and left side. But what sets it apart from other non-conforming clubs is the "state-of-the-art camel toe technology." We won't get into the, um, science behind that claim. It must be true because CPG wouldn't lie about something involving the golf shot he's always been so passionate about.

Anyway, this whole production led to an interesting stat emerging. And yet another metric that shows how great Tiger Woods is.

Clearly motivated by CPG's club, statistician and Arccos data guru Lou Stagner put together a list of PGA Tour pros who are elite at this not-so-elite part of the game. And Tiger's name is right near the top:

Hey, even the best golfers in the world have to punch out from time to time.

How about Ross Fisher being the punch out GOAT? Well, other than CPG, of course. Impressive stuff, Ross. It's also funny that Arron Oberholser, who gets lampooned in that video for his various infomercial pitches throughout the years, is pretty high on the list as well.

And then there's Tiger tied for fourth. Man, there really wasn't a weak spot in the 15-time major champ's game, huh? Now just imagine how much better he could have been with an Xe747 Punch Out Club in his hands. It really wouldn't have been a fair fight.