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"Tiger Woods Doing Things" is the Instagram handle you didn't know you needed

January 10, 2019

My grandpa (RIP), was NOT a fan of Tiger Woods, but his dislike of Tiger had nothing to do with Woods himself and everything to do with how much focus the star golfer received during telecasts. "Did they show him go to the bathroom yet?" he'd like to joke. It was the same reason he didn't like Greg Norman, either, and it's the same reason some stubbornly refuse to root for Tiger to this day. Well, if you're one of those people like my grandpa, then you might want to look away.

That's because there's a new Instagram account that tracks Tiger doing random things. In fact, it's called "Tiger Woods Doing Things" (@twdoingthings). Yeah, it's that basic. And yet, it's oddly entertaining. Here's a sampling:

And here are some fictional ones:

OK, that's pretty much the entire Tiger Woods Doing Things account. Is it silly? Yes. But will it help Tiger fans get through this Tiger-less void in the calendar? Perhaps.

In any event, there are no photos of Tiger going to the bathroom. At least, not yet.