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Patton Kizzire compares his first round playing with Tiger Woods to a "first date"

January 09, 2019

One of the coolest parts of Tiger Woods' comeback season last year were all the connections he made with young players, in particular, their reactions to playing with the 14-time major champ for the first time. Photos were taken, autographs were signed, and memories were made. One golfer who got paired with Woods for the first time was Patton Kizzire, who put his own funny spin on the experience.

"I mean, I'll feel more comfortable next time I play with him," Kizzire said at his Tuesday press conference ahead of this week's Sony Open. "I had a funny Instagram post after I played with him. I don't know if anybody saw it, but I said, It was like a first date with Tiger. I was pretty nervous, but soon I'll be farting in front of him."

OK then. . . That prompted a follow-up question from a golf writer that they just don't teach you in journalism school.

Will he fart in front of you?

"Probably," Kizzire responded jokingly (we think). "No, No, it would be . . . He was really cool. We talked about dogs, kids, boats, you know, all kinds of stuff. He was really cool."

Nice job changing the subject, Patton. Anyway, here's the Instagram Kizzire mentioned after he and Woods were paired for the first two rounds of last year's Honda Classic:

And he mentioned farting again. Hmm. It's not the first time Tiger's flatulence has been brought up. Rumor has it, he and David Feherty like to break wind when they're inside the ropes together, something the NBC/Golf Channel funnyman discussed on the Golf Digest Podcast in 2017.

In any event, Kizzire won't have to worry about whether to pass gas in front of Tiger when he attempts to defend his Sony Open title. But Bubba Watson and Patrick Reed, Kizzire's playing partners the first two rounds, might want to be prepared.