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Our first look at Tiger and Charlie Woods on the range at the PNC is even better than expected

December 17, 2020

The PNC Championship doesn't officially get underway until Saturday, but on Thursday morning we were treated to our first glimpse of Tiger and Charlie Woods. The father-son duo arrived at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club early for a practice session, and videos of the two hitting balls side-by-side already have the Internet buzzing.

The first clip, which eclipsed 113,000 views in just over 60 minutes, shows 11-year-old Charlie hitting what appears to be a wedge while his dad hits driver. His swing is pure, but it's the club twirl and subsequent right arm hang that looks identical to his father that we're most impressed with:

Another angle shows how perfectly synchronized they are:

If Charlie didn't look like Tiger enough already, this footage of him on the putting green should do the trick:

Pretty cool stuff. Should be a very fun weekend.