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Tiger vs. Phil: Judging by the Twitter reaction, everyone and their mother is watching "The Match"

November 23, 2018

Harry How

For all the haters who told us all a million times how they had NO interest in "The Match," and would NOT pay $20 for it, we hope you've stayed off Twitter on Friday. Despite the fact the actual golf has been pretty lame, Tiger vs. Phil is all anybody can talk about. You can't scroll through social media for five seconds without seeing a celebrity or fellow athlete offer their two cents, or call out Charles Barkley for saying he could beat Woods or Mickelson today. High comedy.

While you'd think this would be music to Turner executives' ears because everyone purchased the PPV, that may not be the case according to Darren Rovell. Apparently, there were so many issues with the PPV that they decided to give the thing away for free:

Yikes. Well, at least that probably brought more eyeballs, generating a lot more buzz, especially on social media. Here's a compilation of the best tweets from fellow tour pros, celebrities and other star athletes.

Then again, this could all be fake ...

If the thing is generating conspiracy theories, it must be doing something right.