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Trending: Tiger testy? His presser has nothing on these ten rants

Tiger Woods' first time addressing the media since the release of Hank Haney's Big Miss book excerpt wasn't particularly well-received. Sports publications across the country--in all their literary brilliance--were quick to label it "testy", but in our eyes, an icy glare and a "no comment" does not equate to a testy press conference. No screaming? No mic slam? No iconic catch phrase that will live on in the lexicon of sports journalism for years to come? Then I'm sorry, it just doesn't compare to these ten classic media meltdowns. Speaking of iconic catch phrases...

Maybe the ultimate meltdown.

Tiger never dumped water on anyone.

Nor has he ever attacked a reporter.

You won't catch Tiger laughing about losing.

Though I'm pretty sure he would always stick up for a teammate.

And how could we not include Bob Knight?

Or Herm Edwards?

Or Jim Mora?

And finally, George Brett telling the media exactly where they can go.

-- Derek Evers

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