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Five Revelations In The Big Miss

An excerpt of Hank Haney's new book about his time coaching Tiger Woods, written with Golf Digest Senior Writer Jaime Diaz, reveals numerous complications in the golfer's life

Podcast: Jaime Diaz on the writing of The Big Miss

February 28, 2012

The full excerpt of The Big Miss can be read in the April issue of Golf Digest.

Tiger Woods

Tiger's knee affected his swing

"Protecting Tiger's knee during the swing and still getting performance wasn't a simple thing," Haney writes.... "To preserve his knee, Tiger wanted some flex in his left leg at impact," but that opened him up to turning his hands over and hooking the ball. "It was the shot he most dreaded, because with a clubhead speed of more than 125 miles per hour, a hook for Tiger could easily turn out to be a big miss."
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