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Like Father, Like Son

Tiger and Charlie synchronized part two is the best sequel since Spider-Man 2

December 22, 2021

Sequels often never live up to the original. It's just a simple fact of life. Of course, most sequels do not involve Tiger and Charlie Woods.

Following the father-son duo's debut in the 2020 PNC Championship, the PGA Tour created a video of Tiger and Charlie's nearly identical mannerisms, and it was naturally a smash hit. The clip was viewed an astounding 77 million times, though apparently not by Woods himself. That was until last week, when Woods was shown the video and the tour captured his heartwarming reaction:

That was awesome, indeed. Now, eight days later and with more Tiger and Charlie content to compile, the tour came up with the sequel to "Tiger and Charlie: Mannerisms," and it's somehow even better than the original. More sniffles, more twirls, more sauce. It's all there:

Not since "Spider-Man 2" (shoutout Tobey Maguire, the only Spider-Man I recognize) has a sequel ever eclipsed an original like this. Somehow I missed Charlie calling himself "Char" over the weekend. This kid really is something else. Looking forward to Part 3 in a year's time, which will no doubt round out the best trilogy since the Lord of the Rings.