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Three-time Gold Glove winner Ender Inciarte uncorks what will likely end up being the worst throw of his career

Atlanta Braves outfielder Ender Inciarte has won three consecutive Gold Glove awards, and, barring an injury, he'll likely make that four in a row this season. His defensive highlights are more impressive than anyone's not named Ramon Laureano, though his cannon of an arm might be just as strong. On Sunday night, that cannon was a bit too strong, producing what will likely be the worst (and most unintentionally hilarious) throw of his career.

In the bottom of the ninth, with the game already in hand for Atlanta, Cleveland Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis hit a bloop to center field with runners on first and second base. Inciarte let it drop, barehanded it after one hop and uncorked a freaking laser beam ... directly at the Indians dugout. Heads up guys!

Kind of A-Rod to help a brother out and blame this on the ball being wet. A lot of PGA Tour pros can respect that move. It looks to me like Inciarte is trying to disguise that he was throwing to third by looking toward home plate and then audible-ing to throw to third, a move you can get away with when you're up by eight runs. That or he was trying to kill someone in the Indians dugout. Whichever it was, just know that Inciarte is far more accurate than that:

Safe to say his throw from Sunday night won't be making the 2019 highlight reel, though it was still pretty insane. Just a bit too strong, kind of like Laureano's throw on Sunday that led to the greatest double play ever:

You know you're good when you're "bad throws" still end up being good ones.