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This video of Tiger Woods signing Sergio Garcia's hat is pure gold

January 09, 2017

On a cold Monday morning, here's something that should lift you from your winter doldrums. It's a video of Sergio Garcia asking Tiger Woods to sign his hat for him -- and we're grateful to Skratch TV for unearthing this old gem on Sergio's 37th(?!) birthday. Check it out:

There are so many good parts to this. First off, the playfulness between these two young (at the time) stars, including Tiger announcing Sergio's presence on the practice range. Let's just say their relationship has chilled throughout the years. . .

Then there's Tiger obliging Sergio's request to sign his hat. Did Garcia actually play that day with Woods' John Hancock on his brim?

And finally, Garcia running around and squealing in delight after getting Woods' autograph? Perfect.

Here it is again, because it's that good.

Happy birthday, Sergio. And happy Monday, everyone else.